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Why Your Gums Hurt When You Floss By Lubbock TX, Orthodontists

flossIf there is a distinct pain when you floss your teeth, it should be recognized, addressed and remedied, as with all physical discomfort in the Lubbock, TX area. Your gums are the soft packing and necessary buffer between your tooth and bone. Perhaps in your gallant effort to protect your precious enamel and gums from the menace of plaque and bacteria, you’ve been overdoing it in the flossing and brushing department. This may lead to aching gums that bleed, a serious cause for concern.

St. Clair & Massey Orthodontics in Lubbock, TX, can help you alter your oral regimen to provide the best care for your teeth and gums and alleviate the tenderness.

REASONS FOR THE ACHE: Below we will consider what the pain is, what brought it about, and perhaps in the process how to make it go away.

  • Regularity: You’re just not flossing enough and it’s time to introduce that string or thread to your gums on a more frequent basis.
  • The String of It: The improper use of string floss being applied too deep and too often into the gum. Switching to a threaded floss and using a softer see-saw technique with a water pick might alleviate that issue.
  • Tooth sensitivity: It just plain hurts to brush with any kind, more than likely as a result of tooth decay. At St. Clair & Massey Orthodontics, we can professionally clean your teeth more frequently and more comfortably.
  • Brush Over-enthusiasm: Brushing too hard for too long has you feeling the pain. Time to take it down a notch or three in intensity with a soft and rounded nylon bristled brush.
  • Gum Disease: Gum disease could have you feeling the pain in both the gum and tooth region. With more exposed tooth due to a depressed gum line, the more intense periodontal version of gum disease will open you up to even more pain. Your orthodontist can help you determine if this is in fact your affliction.
  • Crowding out: Your wisdom teeth or other teeth may be creating a crowding problem in your mouth. St. Clair & Massey Orthodontics can help you determine if the best route in resolving any dental concerns.

Flossing should always be an indispensable routine, along with brushing and the use of a water pick. Care and attention, with regards to routine and technique with your flossing,  keeps the bacteria out and long term problems like gum disease, tooth loss and other health complications from affecting your life. A small amount of bleeding is just your body and immune system letting you know the system is on.

Any prolonged sensitivity or discomfort means it’s time to see your Lubbock, TX, orthodontist and the experienced orthodontics team at St. Clair & Massey Orthodontics to help you achieve a pain-free mouth and healthy gums and teeth.

If you are ready to return to flossing pain-free, click here to request an appointment or call 800.759.6780 to speak to with our friendly receptionist.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our orthodontics office in Lubbock, TX would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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